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Season 2

Maaria is Clarity Coach at Tiensivu Coaching and co-founder at Remote Innovation Coach.

Maaria Tiensivu

17 junio, 2020

Timo is Distributed Team Coach and Agile PM in Transfluent: "Professional quality translations for all business needs. Fast. Easy."

Timo Rongas

10 junio, 2020

Yuko and Lorenzo are the founders of Sake Company Srl and Mirai Internacional.

Yuko and Lorenzo

3 junio, 2020

Fer Martin is the founder and CEO of Reboot Academy, a new concept of an academy where you can learn code and programming skills.

Fer Martín

27 febrero, 2020

Marina is the founder of Home and Holidays, and agency to help and advise you that you can acquire a home or vacation home in Tenerife (Canary Island)

Marina Fuentes Corridan

13 febrero, 2020

David Puttemans

30 enero, 2020

Season 1

Ale Cabrera

27 febrero, 2019

Clinton Donnelly

21 febrero, 2019

Luca Mossini is entrepreneur and digital nomad with homebase in Tenerife. After of work in interesting companies as European Space Agency or Open Circles Academy, Luca has decided to start his own project: Millennialogic.

Luca Mossini

9 febrero, 2019

In October 2016, after a deeply rewarding 11 years at Microsoft, Jordi decided to take a break and start a sabbatical period. During this time he has had the opportunity to travel around the world, covering South America, the Caribbean, the west coast of the US , Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Jordi Muñoz

30 enero, 2019

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