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The Vision about Remote Work

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Remote Workers and Digital Nomads.

From Digital Nomad Experiences, we want to share with you interviews with great remote workers. Through these micro-interviews, we share their experiences, knowledge, and tips with you.

We have the responsibility to share and spread the possibilities offered by remote work in our days.

Carlos SuárezFounder of DNExp

DNEXP is doing an outstanding job strengthening the community of Remote Workers in the Canary Islands.

Nacho RodríguezFounder of Nomad City and CoworkingC

Remote Work Is The Future Of Work.

Marcus WermuthMobile Lead at Buffer

DNExp (Digital Nomad Experiences)

was born to share the experience of

some Canarian Digital Nomad with

the local community.

Digital Nomad Experiences emerged as an event to tell the experiences of 4 young people from the Canary Islands about remote work and digital nomadism.

Today, DNExp launches to the network to share with you experiences and knowledge of great remote workers and digital nomads.