Digital Nomad Experiences will be an event to share different approaches and experiences, personal and professional, about Digital Nomadism. These experiences will come from 4 speakers during for 15 minutes will tell their experience within the Digital Nomad world:

Alberto Guelmes: co-founder and manager of Local Coworking, on Santa Cruz de Tenerife, he will talk about the experiences during the Coworking Europe Conference and the Coworking Spain Conference, and the linking of collaborative workspaces with the world of the Nomads Digital.

Pablo Betencor: currently working for IntraHouse, a Norwegian-based mobile solutions company based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Palo Alto (USA) Pablo will tell us about his experiences from the startups and digital entrepreneurs city.

Ruben Mahugo: SEO Consultant and Online Marketing under his own brand: ingravityMK. Ruben will tell us about his most recent project, Sumando Tiempo, and his experience as Digital Nomad after having visited 6 countries and 21 cities in 2016.

Carlos Suárez: Manager of Digital Projects under his own brand CJSS and co-founder of Dymweb. Carlos will speak about the experience during the Nomad City Las Palmas 2016, one of the reference events for Digital Nomads in Spain and that had the participation of more than 170 Digital Nomads from all over the world.

The format of the event will be completely open and the idea is to generate debate and satisfy the curiosity of all those who want to know more and better the world of Digital Nomads.

The payment of € 3 includes access to a few beers during networking.

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Alberto Guelmes

Co-founder and manager of Local Coworking

Pablo Betencor

Currently working for IntraHouse

Ruben Mahugo

SEO Consultant at ingravityMK

Carlos Suárez

Founder and CEO of DNExp

Day: 22/12/2016

Hour: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Calle San Antonio, 26. San Cristobal de La Laguna (Social Makers)

Price: 3€


Get your ticket!