DNExp & Beers reaches its third edition and how could it be otherwise, we join with a Christmas toast.

The philosophy of the event has not changed: pleasant and close talks, good vibes, a lot of shared knowledge and having a real notion of active projects that are working remotely or very closely linked to the world of remote work.


This year and in line with the previous ones, we will have luxury experts who will be encouraged to share with us some of their experiences and projects.

In addition to the talks, good vibes and good networking, we will have a snack and some beers, to make the event more enjoyable and to have a good Christmas toast with the whole community.

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Vera Ruttkowski

Founder of
Strategic Director Tenerife Work&Play

Raúl Kripalani

Strategic Director Tenerife Work&Play
Tourism Development Consultant

Elsa Rodríguez

Tourism Development Consultant at IFC
Founder of DNExp

Carlos Suárez

Founder of DNExp

Luca Mossini

Co-founder of

Carlos Blé

Owner at LeanMind

Sherina Shamdasani

Psychologist & Transformational Coach

Isidro Quintana

CEO at Out of Office Games

Day: 20/12/2018

Hour: 7pm to 9pm

Venue: Calle las Carretas, 6. San Cristobal de La Laguna (La Nube Espacio Colaborativo)

Price: 5€


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